The Matravers Legacy

In 1814 John Matravers left £1000 for educational purposes and for a time William Matravers funded a school on the top floors of his home at Westbury House. The Old Athenaeum building in Bratton Road was also once used as a schoolroom for boys. By the 1850's the school was associated with the British Society.


Church of England School, Newtown

The school was founded by the vicar of Westbury, Stafford Brown. After three years in a hired room the new school was opened at the corner of Bratton Road and Newtown in 1847. Later the girls and infants moved out and the boys remained in this building until 1925. 


Laverton Infants' School, Bratton Road

The school was funded by Abraham Laverton and opened in 1885, being associated with the British Society. It had two classrooms separated by a wooden folding screen and was heated by coal buring stoves. A separate block in the playground housed the toilets. It closed in 1971 when the new school in Eden Vale Road opened.


Westbury British Boys' School

The boys' school started by Matravers moved into the newly built Laverton Institute in 1874. In 1907 the school was transferred to the control of Wiltshire Council and was renamed the Laverton Institute School. It closed in 1925.


National Girls and Infants School, Church Lane

Originally built as a Church of England Sunday School in 1873, it was used by girls and infants until it became the town's junior school in 1925. When the new school opened in Oldfield Park in 1959 it became part of the infants' school.


British School for Girls and Infants, Lower (Leigh) Road

A single room built in 1844 with money from the Matravers bequest as a girls' school and later also for infants. In 1925 the older children from all the town's schools moved in, two more classrooms were added and it became the new Westbury Senior Council School. More building work was carried out in 1930 to accommodate senior pupils from the surrounding villages. In 1945 it became Westbury Secondary Modern School. Later development on the site in the 1960's provided more classrooms, a hall and gym. In 1974 with the introduction of comprehensive education in the area it became Matravers School.


Victoria College (Leighton House)

The house was bought from W H Laverton in 1921 and became a boys' boarding school. Rooms were converted into dormitories and the stable block became classrooms. The school closed in 1936.