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All meetings start at 7.30 pm at the Methodist Church, Station Road unless otherwise stated.

Entry: Members £2  Non-members £4 unless otherwise stated.


Tuesday 26 November 

West Country Dialect - Dead or Alive?

How did our ancestors speak and would we still understand them?

Do you use dialect words or phrases or recall family members who spoke in the West Country dialect? Perhaps you remember particular expressions which you used as a child or customs and superstitions from the past. Is the dialect still alive?

Tony Painter, born and raised in Wiltshire explores these questions in an illustrated talk, which, with some sound extracts, covers the origins of dialects and the characteristics of West Country dialect, its special words and structure. It also includes country customs and superstitions based on family recollections which hopefully may strike a few chords from the past.


28 January 2020

Heritage Quiz

We start the New Year with a heritage quiz.  Just the thing to wake up the brain cells a little.  

More details as to venue etc. will come later.


 Friday 3 April 2020

A Life in Ruins 

The Laverton, Bratton Road, Westbury
Tickets £7

In this fascinating and humorous talk by archaeologist and TV presenter, Julian Richards, he will explore his long and varied career in archaeology from his first shovelling lessons and the joys of chemical toilets to his obsession with Stonehenge and his passion for bringing the past to life!

Julian is perhaps best known for his BBC series Meet the Ancestors, he is a renowned expert on Stonehenge and has written a range of books on this subject.


26 May, 2020

From the Archives

All of us have found treasures in the attic or the cupboard under the stairs when we are clearing out, well Westbury Heritage also has lots of cupboards but not necessarily under the stairs and we have been clearing them out.  

Come along and see what trash or treasure we have found before our move to Westbury Library in the summer.  






The display in the main window is changed approximately every two months.

The window space and cabinets inside are available for displays by local organisations. Please contact us to arrange a date if you would like to use them.