Westbury stars in new travel podcast.

white horse windowseater

Westbury’s famous white horse features as part of a brand new podcast that aims to give rail users a historic taste to their travels.

Window Seater is a downloadable audio guide that tells travellers a little about the countryside and towns on their route and Westbury Heritage Society was asked to help out with information for the Swindon to Westbury line. Now society chair, Sally Hendry, hopes it will encourage more visitors to the town.

“It was great taking part in the interviews” she said. “They especially wanted to focus on our famous white horse and we talked about everything from its legends and creation through to the days when the figure had elongated legs thanks to the chalk rivulets that would run down the steep hillside”.

Westbury Museum, now on the first floor of the town library, features an exhibition on the Wiltshire white horses. Visitors can also see historic postcards and photographs along with crested souvenir china featuring out celebrated horse.